Message from MOLS Officer Beau Heavelow. Please read if you have not and add your comments!

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Message from MOLS Officer Beau Heavelow. Please read if you have not and add your comments!

Post  Admin on Tue Jul 14, 2009 6:34 am

First off, let me say that I am glad that this race is back on. I just don't think the location of this race is beneficial to this club though. In my opinion, I think it would be better try to pull off the US 36 race and blow Topeka off. We are racing with stock cars at Heartland Park---Those people could care less about our cars. At least at US 36, we will be racing with another class of open wheel cars and probably a larger crowd. I also know that stock cars will be present but the track is a lot better racing surface. It is also a track that we haven't been at in a few years. Maybe just maybe, somebody that is coming to watch the midgets would see our class as an alternative class to race. I can always wish. The other option is cancel the Friday night at Valley and run US 36 instead? But is that fair to Valley?---They brought us to the dance this year. Long story short---a race is better than NO RACE but we need to look at the big picture. What will benefit the club more? More than likely neither. Racing with the stock car classes has got us nowhere already---Why try again? The main problem is the cars not showing up. The group has relied on the same few cars every year. The number just keeps getting smaller and smaller. I would think that we should be going the other way by now. The way we are going---MOLS won't have anywhere to run. I understand the economy is playing a big part of this, but what will be the excuse next year? It just seems that is all we ever do. We as the members need to take action before there will be no action to take. Then all we will have is a bunch of dust gathers and we can piss and moan about having nowhere to race. The bad thing will be---We will have no one else to blame. One last thing---When we send out an email, it needs to be made sure that we have every ones email. I don't see one for Kendall or Kevin. I am sure there are some others that I have overlooked. The members need to be kept in the loop---That way no one can/will be blindsided. Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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