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IMSA view on last weekend race???

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IMSA view on last weekend race??? Empty IMSA view on last weekend race???

Post  Admin Mon Jun 29, 2009 6:53 am

Brent Burrows of Lewistown IL came away the winner of the 20 lap Midwest Outlaw Lightning Sprint feature on Saturday night at the Nevada Speedway in Nevada Mo.
Burrows driving the FOZ RACE CAR, Myers Construction car took the win after a late race caution.
Kendal Rupard took the early lead with Austin Archdale of Brimfield IL in 2nd spot and
Burrows setting back in 3rd spot . They would run in that order until the white flag came out. As they entered turn 1 Archdale who had a run on Rupard tapped the back of Rupards car to let him know he was there and suddenly Rupart hit the brakes and Archdale hit the back of Ruparts car sending him spinning. Both drivers were put to the back of the field.
On the restart with 2 laps to go Burrows hung on for the win.
On Fri night at Valley Speedway in Grain Valley MO. Archdale would take a controversary 4th palce finish in heat 1 and Burrows would finish in 4th place in heat 2. Archdale came from 8th spot to finish 6th and burrows came from 9th to finish 8th place.


On Fri night at the Valley Speedway in Grain Valley MO. a heated controversary in the 1st 8 lap heat race with the MOLS mini sprints officials came up . The field took the green flag and ran until the white flag lap and a caution came out. The white flag was displayed.

The field was reset with Austin Archdale in 4th place.
The flagman said after the race they went back to the last completed lap which would have been lap 6. With the field reset and the green came out again. The field made a lap and the white flag came out again the 1st place car kept going and 2nd and 3rd place cars slowed down and Archdale came in 2nd. He thought.

The person in charge of the transponder operation said the race went 9 laps and scored the finish on the 2nd white flag lap.
The race would have gone 9 laps because the transponder operator did not consider the yellow flag. A 2nd place finish would have put Archdale on the pole of the 20 lap Feature. NOONE would admit there mistake. Not what a team who drove 6 1/2 hours to race wanted to hear.

If a track is going to use transponders learn how to operate them before you put them to use.
Austin Archdale Racing #2


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IMSA view on last weekend race??? Empty Re: IMSA view on last weekend race???

Post  Jack Thu Jul 02, 2009 6:35 am

Personal I think it is pretty sad when another series race director / promoter chooses to use there series web site to bash another series when they were racing somewhere else on an off weekend. Even if what they wrote about was correct just seems like it hurts both series and I really dont get it.


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IMSA view on last weekend race??? Empty Re: IMSA view on last weekend race???

Post  cws9 Thu Jul 02, 2009 1:31 pm

I agree Mark. As always.....there is 2 sides to this story. I eyewitnessed it. There is no one from the MOLS getting on the internet and bashing away. That race is over....everyone has already started looking forward to the next race. And looking toward the weather forecasts!

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IMSA view on last weekend race??? Empty Re: IMSA view on last weekend race???

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