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Right front axle lead?

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Right front axle lead? Empty Axle lead adjustments and caster angles

Post  openwheel44 Wed Feb 11, 2009 10:42 am

I usually don't change the axle lead because to be honest, I have tried it and have yet to tell any significant advantage. I really don't know anyone in our class of cars, full midgets, or full sprints that mess with this once they have it set. Telling my age here but that goes back roughly 28 years.

The main concern even though it would be minimal, if you are running a four bar car, is the spring rate change as you move the axle forward or rearward. Again......The rate change would be minimal if we are only talking a 1/4" or less.

What I have played with is setting the caster in the axle to a different degree as the track slicks off. What I have tried to do is rotate the axle back farther (3-4 degrees) so when the wheels are cut to the right you load the right front because it is essentially dropping down more as you turn right and therefore also loading the left rear with a little more weight. Is it worth the trouble? Hard to say since you can achieve the same effect by doing other things more easily.

You can play with king pin angles like the full sprints do but that's another story. Wink


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Right front axle lead? Empty Right front axle lead?

Post  Jack Fri Feb 06, 2009 6:55 am

We also set our front Axles at 3/16” lead at the ride heights

I guess this just help the car turn in better? So if the track got really dry slick. Not that, that ever happens on the tracks that we run on but just suppose it does. Would you want more right front leading or less? I guess I am just trying to figure out what effect this would have on the car and were I would want more or less right leading.

Thanks, Mark

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