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MOLS Schedule

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MOLS Schedule Empty MOLS Schedule

Post  Jack Fri Mar 27, 2009 6:47 am

Anyone know if the MOLS schedule is set? I see some gaps in it and was wondering if Bob was still working on some tracks to schedule more races?


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MOLS Schedule Empty UPDATED Schedule

Post  cws9 Sat Mar 28, 2009 7:58 pm

Not many gaps if you are planning on racing both the MOLS and OMMS schedules. Matter of fact....lots of double race weekends. Here is a combined schedule.

April 24th MOLS Valley Speedway

May 1st OMMS Valley Speedway

May 8th MOLS Valley Speedway

May 15th OMMS Valley Speedway
May 17th OMMS XX Speedway

May 22nd MOLS Valley Speedway
May 23rd MOLS Butler Speedway

May 29th MOLS Valley Speedway

June 5th MOLS Valley Speedway
June 6th MOLS Heartland Park
June 7th OMMS XX Speedway

June 12th OMMS Valley Speedway

June 19th MOLS Valley Speedway
June 21st OMMS XX Speedway

June 26th MOLS Valley Speedway
June 27th MOLS Nevada Speedway

July 3rd MOLS Valley Speedway
July 5th OMMS XX Speedway

July 10th OMMS Valley Speedway

July 17th MOLS Valley Speedway
July 19th OMMS XX Speedway

July 24th OMMS Valley Speedway
July 26th MOLS US 36 Speedway

July 31st MOLS Valley Speedway
Aug. 2nd OMMS XX Speedway

Aug. 7th MOLS Valley Speedway
Aug. 8th MOLS Heartland Park Chris Murray Memorial

Aug 11th MOLS LA Raceway
Aug. 14th OMMS Valley Speedway

Aug. 28th MOLS Valley Speedway

Sept. 4th MOLS Valley Speedway John Heffernon Memorial

Sept. 11th MOLS Valley Speedway

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