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The Racing Experience MOLS racing results 5/29/09

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The Racing Experience MOLS racing results 5/29/09 Empty The Racing Experience MOLS racing results 5/29/09

Post  Admin Sat May 30, 2009 7:46 am

Race Results

Fri. May 29, 2009

Valley Speedway
Grain Valley, MO

The weather and the Valley Speedway could not have been better..

Heat 1

1st 68 Bob Franklin Baldwin City, KS

2nd 01 Bobby Layne KC, MO

3rd z8 Zach Moorehead Grain Valley, MO

4th 9 Richard Layne KC, MO

5th 83g Matt Gilbert Merriam, KS

6th 9s Chris Schofield Raymore, MO

Bob jumped to the lead and that was the race for 1st. Bobby and Zac would have a great race for the runner up spot. Bobby would final take control after midway of the race. Richard would chase Zac but didn’t have enough to take the spot away. Bob 1st, Bobby 2nd and Zac 3rd.

Heat 2

1st 40 Dave Parker Warsaw, MO

2nd 4 Beau Heavelow Independence, MO

3rd 58 Frank Ikerd Joplin, MO

4th 45 Kevin Rupard Belton, MO

5th 1 Kendall Rupard Grandview, MO

6th 5 Nick Antonovich Madison, IL

Kendall would get to the 1st corner before his brother. Frank and Dave would get by Kevin. Dave would clear Frank and take after Kendall. Beau and Frank would then battle for the 3rd spot. Kendall would slow with a missing chain. On the restart Dave would take the lead followed by Beau and Frank. This is how they would finish Dave 1st, Beau 2nd and Frank 3rd.


1st 4 Beau Heavelow (2)

2nd 40 Dave Parker (4)

3rd 58 Frank Ikerd (6)

4th 01 Bobby Layne (1)

5th 83g Matt Gilbert (9)

6th z8 Zach Moorehead (5)

7th 5 Nick Antonovich (12)

8th 9 Richard Layne (7)

9th 9s Chris Schofield (11)

10th 68 Bob Franklin (3)

11th 45 Kevin Rupard (Cool

12th 1 Kendall Rupard (10)

Bobby would take the lead with Beau, Dave and Bob right on him. Bobby would finally give up the lead to Beau after the 3rd lap. Dave would fight with him for the runner up spot with Bob showing his nose to the pair. Dave would get by Bobby and challenge Beau for the lead. Bob would get by Bobby with Frank now joining the battle. Dave would make a good pass on Beau to take over the top spot. Kendall would leave with the chain missing again. Bobby, Frank and Bob would battle for the 3rd spot. Dave was starting to pull away. Bob would pull out with car troubles. With 3 laps remaining Dave caught Nick, who was sorting out a new car. He would get slowed up and Beau would get back by Dave to take over the lead. Dave fought back, but couldn’t make the pass. Beau 1st, Dave 2nd, Frank 3rd, Bobby 4th. Richard was 5th but was disqualified for not going to the scale after the feature. He was placed at the rear of the last running car. Matt inherited 5th.

We gave away 1 - 10 Lap Racing Experience YOU RACE promotional giveaway. Rick Reinkemeyer of Lone Jack, MO was the happy winner.

The racing in The Racing Experience Midwest Outlaw Lightning Sprints is fiercely competitive. With low cost maintenance and motorcycle power, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car. These cars a 1 second a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.

Our next race is Fri June 5th at Valley Speedway. The following night Sat June 6th we will be at Hearltand Park Topeka in Topeka, KS. Come out and watch the Racing Experience MOLS cars sling the dirt. The RACING EXPERIENCE MOLS will once again be giving away a 10 Lap Racing Experience YOU RACE package at every one of our races. Remember “If you’re not PASSING…You’re not RACING!”

Bob Douglas


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