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MOLS Racing experience results 06/05/09

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MOLS Racing experience results 06/05/09 Empty MOLS Racing experience results 06/05/09

Post  Admin Sat Jun 06, 2009 6:10 am

Race Results

Fri. June 5, 2009

Valley Speedway
Grain Valley, MO

Open Wheel Friday nite IS Valley Speedway. Open Wheel racing is coming back to the KC area and we are definitely a part of it.

Heat 1

1st 1 Kendall Rupard Grandview, MO

2nd 1x Rod Ullery Cedar Edge, CO

3rd 4 Beau Heavelow Independence, MO

4th 5 Nick Antonovich Madison, IL

5th 01 Bobby Layne KC, MO

6th 7s Scott Allen KC, KS

Kendall jumped to the lead from his front row starting position. Scott and Bobby giving chase. Nick got by Scott with Beau on his bumper. Scott and Bobby dropped back and Rod was on the march to the front. It was a great race for the runner up and 3rd positions. Kendall took the win going away. Rod made his way to 2nd. Beau got by Nick at the wire for 3rd.

Heat 2

1st z8 Zach Morehead Grain Valley, MO

2nd 83g Matt Gilbert Merriam, KS

3rd 68 Bob Franklin Baldwin City, KS

4th 40 Dave Parker Warsaw, MO

5th 1t Troy Ullery Grand Junction, CO

6th 25 Donnie Graves Kearney, MO

7th 9 Richard Layne KC, MO

Last years Rookie of the Year, Zach, jumped into the lead and the race for 2nd was on. Matt, Donnie, and Dave were battling for the 2nd spot. Bob was starting his march to the front. Matt would run Zach down but couldn’t make the pass. Bob was able to battle by Dave. Zach 1st, Matt 2nd and Bob 3rd.


1st 1t Troy Ullery (2)

2nd 01 Bobby Layne (1)

3rd 40 Dave Parker (4)

4th 4 Beau Heavelow (2)

5th 1x Rod Ullery (7)

6th 9 Richard Layne (13)

7th 83g Matt Gilbert (9)

8th 68 Bob Franklin (6)

9th z8 Zach Moorehead (10)

10th 7s Scott Allen (11)

11th 25 Donnie Graves (12)

12th 1 Kendall Rupard (9)

13th 5 Nick Antonovich (3)

Bobby and Rod had a great race for the top spot on the 1st lap. Bobby would win the battle of the 1st lap, but Rod would get by Bobby to lead lap 2. Nick, Beau, Dave and Bob would have a great battle for 3rd. Nick would develop engine problems and start to drop back. Dave would take over 3rd with Beau and Bob on his bumper. The rest of the field would be jockeying for position as Troy was starting to distance himself from 2nd place Bobby. Kendall would get upside down with 5 laps remaining and Bob would have a fire in his right rear. The race would restart with the battle for the runnerup spot between Bobby and Dave. Bob would restart but fall back. Rod would take the win, Bobby 2nd, Dave 3rd, Beau 4th and Troy’s dad, Rod 5th.

We gave away 1 - 10 Lap Racing Experience YOU RACE promotional giveaway. Kurt Buddemeyer of Grain Valley, MO was the happy winner.

The racing in The Racing Experience Midwest Outlaw Lightning Sprints is fiercely competitive. With low cost maintenance and motorcycle power, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car. These cars a 1 second a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.

Our next race is Sat June 6th at Heartland Park Topeka in Topeka, KS. Come out and watch the Racing Experience MOLS cars sling the dirt. The RACING EXPERIENCE MOLS will once again be giving away a 10 Lap Racing Experience YOU RACE package at every one of our races. Remember “If you’re not PASSING…You’re not RACING!”

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