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Grain Valley Race results and recap from Bob Douglas

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Grain Valley Race results and recap from Bob Douglas Empty Grain Valley Race results and recap from Bob Douglas

Post  Admin Sat Apr 25, 2009 4:47 pm

Race Results

Fri. April 24, 2009

Valley Speedway
Grain Valley, MO

This was the first race of the season for us at Valley and also the first nite of OpenWheel Friday Nites. We shared the facility with the MSCA Sprint Cars and the Vintage Stock Cars.

A pill draw would determine the lineups of the heat races for tonite. For the next night of racing and the rest of the season, the drivers point average will determine their starting position in the heat races.

Heat 1

1st 92 Jim Devore Harrisonville, MO

2nd 1 Kendall Rupard Grandview, MO

3rd 40 Dave Parker Warsaw, MO

4th 7s Scott Allen KC, KS

5th 83g Matt Gilbert Merriam, KS

6th 68 Bob Franklin Baldwin City, KS

7th 1x Jesse Hockett Warsaw, MO

Jim Devore and Kendall Rupard would bring the field down for the 1st green of the season. Jim took the early lead with Kendall driving Kent Keck’s new car right on his bumper. The rest of the field was tightly packed trying to sort out the track. Dave Parker in his new car and Scott Allen would have a side by side for the third position. Jesse Hockett, Bob Franklin and Matt Gilbert were all pressuring Dave and Scott. As the dicing continued, Hockett would work his way up to 3rd with the rest of the field swapping places. Jim would continue to lead with Kendall chasing. Hockett broke a steering arm sending him off the track. When the race resumed, Jim would again jump to the lead. Bob would drop out with a broken oil cooler. Jim would stay in front for his first win of the season. Kendall would run 2nd with Dave in 3rd.

Heat 2

1st 01 Bobby Layne KC, MO

2nd 93 Mark Billings Columbia, MO

3rd 4 Beau Heavelow Independence, MO

4th 58 Frank Ikerd Joplin, MO

5th 45 Kevin Rupard Grandview, MO

6th z8 Zach Moorehead Grain Valley, MO

7th 25 Donnie Graves Kearney, MO

8th 22 Jewell Craven Polo, MO

Kevin Rupard and Beau Heavelow would bring the field down for the 2nd heat. Beau would take the early lead, with Kevin and Bobby Layne in his new car right on his tail shell. Mark Billings and Frank Ikerd would start their march to the front. The rest of the field would be bunched up, all trying to sort out the track. Beau would have steering gear problems on the 3rd lap, allowing Bobby and Kendall to get around him. Mark and Frank would be on the charge. Bobby would stay in front with Mark getting by Beau for 2nd. Frank, Kevin and now Zack Morehead would be battling for 4th. Bobby would uphold the challenge from the field and win his 1st heat race with the MOLS. Mark would get 2nd with Beau 3rd.


1st 92 Jim Devore (9)

2nd 58 Frank Ikerd (4)

3rd 1x Jesse Hockett (11)

4th 4 Beau Heavelow (6)

5th 93 Mark Billings (Cool

6th 01 Bobby Layne (10)

7th 45 Kevin Rupard (2)

8th 25 Donnie Graves (14)

9th 22 Jewell Craven (13)

10th 83g Matt Gilbert (1)

11th z8 Zach Moorehead (12)

12th 7s Scott Allen (3)

13th 1 Kendall Rupard (7)

14th 40 Dave Parker (5)

As the 1st heat race winner, Jim would have the honors of rolling the die. He rolled a 5, so now the first 5 rows are inverted. Matt and Kevin would bring the field down for the green.

Dave would slow to a stop with problems. The race was restarted, with Kevin jumping to an early lead and Scott and Matt both on his heels. The position racing in the pack was fierce. Matt and Frank would get by Kevin. Kendall would catch an infield tire bending up his left front and sending him to the infield. Jim would work his way to 2nd with Matt flying on the high side of the track in 1st. Zack would have engine problems and as he tried to exit the track in turn 1, Matt would be caught between him and the outside wall. Matt would take a series of end over end rolls off the track in turn one. He was not injured, but this would end his bid for his first feature win. When the race restarted, it was clear that Jim was the guy to beat. Frank would try hard getting buy him, but Jim would hold off his challenges. Jesse had figured out the track and now he was flying on the high side in 3rd. Beau and Mark would be having their battle for the 4th spot. The first feature of the year would end with Jim Devore taking the honors, Frank 2nd, Jesse 3rd, Beau 4th and Mark 5th. Bobby Layne would work his way up to 6th

The racing in The Racing Experience Midwest Outlaw Lightning Sprints is fiercely competitive. This year there is 10 of these drivers that can win on any night. With low cost maintenance and motorcycle power, this is still the most economical way to go fast in a race car. These cars a 1 ½ seconds a lap faster than an A Mod or a Late Model.

We gave away 1 - 10 Lap Racing Experience YOU RACE promotional giveaway. Kim Whitworth of Raytown, MO was the happy winner.

Our next race is Friday May 5th at Valley Speedway. Come out and watch the Racing Experience MOLS cars sling the dirt. The RACING EXPERIENCE MOLS will once again be giving away a 10 Lap Racing Experience YOU RACE package at every one of our races. Remember “If you’re not PASSING…You’re not RACING!”

Bob Douglas


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